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  When I first taught statistics, I used a similar method to the one you describe for exams: download, print, take, scan, upload. But for several reasons I'd like to use Canvas functionality to improve that model. I'm going to try a setup where students can skip steps 1 and 2 but just copy down the problems they need to solve by hand. They will answer most questions directly into Canvas, but at the end they will have to upload some pages with work. At least this eliminates the printing step. But, with about 30 sub-parts to the exam, I have to enter points for each item that has been created as an "Essay" type question. It would seem to work to either have default points entered at the start or to allow fudge points to actually count (i.e. not continue to show the dreaded Q in the gradebook). I definitely think there are several steps that could be implemented to speed the grading of these types of problems (including multi-part problems within question creation).


MyMaths is a subscription website for schools and is used in over 70 countries by approximately four million students each year!

MyMaths provides a fully interactive online learning resource suitable for all ages and abilities right up to A-Level, and can be accessed 24/7 from school, home, or even when on holiday.  

Written by practising maths teachers for teachers and their students, MyMaths continually listens to teachers and responds to their needs. With this ethos still at its core, MyMaths has evolved over the years so that it now offers everything you need to teach mathematics and enthuse today’s students.

Interactive lessons, games, and worksheets are linked to a powerful Assessment Manager system that enables you to teach in a fun and dynamic way while tracking and monitoring progress effectively.


In our experience, teaching is most effective when the teacher has more time to focus directly on the class rather than being tied up illustrating concepts on the board.

The MyMaths animations, tools and randomised questions help teachers demonstrate concepts more effectively.

Students can access the lessons from home, making them a great tool for revision.


Each MyMaths lesson is paired with an Online Homework to assess understanding. These use randomly generated numbers so that every time you go back to a task the questions change!

This makes our Online Homeworks far more realistic and effective as students are continually challenged each time they attempt a task.


Each Booster Pack offers a stand-alone block of work targeted at specific achievement boundaries.  The Threebooster and Fourbooster packs all have an emphasis on learning and game playing to consolidate skills, while other packs have a more exam-based style.

Within the packs, each folder of work is tied together with a four-page Online Worksheet. These can give students a real boost, crucial at exam time, when confidence can make a real difference to their results.


Now here’s the really fun bit: the fantastic range of MyMaths games that are available, each one tailored to provide a bit of fun, and a lot of practice. 

We love games at MyMaths, and believe they are an ideal way of getting students to consolidate their maths skills.


I have not come across any other maths homework system where students would voluntarily come in at lunchtime, to not only do their online homework, but in many cases redo tasks in order to achieve better results.

Ian Hover, Moulton School

I find it easy to promote the use of MyMaths to our teachers and students. The subscription represents incredible value for money. MyMaths helps us maintain our 70% plus success rate for GCSE resit.

Max Caley, Longley Park School

MyMaths has transformed both the way we teach and the way we assess, but most of all it has transformed the way students learn – all three for the better.

Mr Froggatt, Oakspark School

MyMaths is especially useful with GCSE revision classes where different students in the same group are revising different topics and taking responsibility for their own revision. MyMaths seems to be taking over world. Are there any schools not using it?

David Payne. St Annes Catholic School

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