Essay On Todays Youth Their Dreams And Aspirations

Article 21 of the Indian constitution states that, No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. ” The Supreme court said that an equally important facet of right to life is the right to livelihood because no person can live without the means of livelihood. If the right to livelihood is included in the right to live then why not give the youth the freedom to choose their own livelihood? Today’s youth has unconventional ideas for careers.

They want to be radio jockeys, war journalists, dancers, footballers. They choose to succeed on their own terms. They want their passion to be their careers. Parents at times do have problems in letting the youth choose such career options rather then conventional MBAs or PHDs. At times in well planned families, parents feel that the youth is secure in the care of the prosperous family business. Parents also try to fulfil their dreams through their children, there by restricting the youth’s freedom in choosing their career options.

Success is guaranteed when the youth choose their own field of study. The youth will not lose their individuality and they will able to discover their personality and do justice to their dreams and aspirations. Had Dhirubhai Ambani followed his father’s footsteps and become a school teacher, India would not have Reliance Industries. Parents should realise that God has gifted every child a different talent and nurturing their talent duty and not crushing it in the name of stereotypical careers.

The youth should do what they are best at. For example if Sachin Tendulkar’s mother would have asked him to sing he would have been one of the worst singers. The flip side of “freedom” is “responsibility. “The youth will one day be adults and will have to make decisions on their own, so they should have the opportunity to learn how to do that by making some decisions . As parents they need to put forward their ideas, views and advice and not take advantage of being a parent.

The best way to train the youth in taking proper decisions is through example and not by saying, “ because I said so”. Media plays a very important role in sowing the seeds the mistrust in the minds of parents by blowing the cases of rave parties Whenever a student decides to go for studies or camps abroad, there is an uproar in their house especially in the homes of girls. I would say let them fend for themselves, take their own decisions. If they make mistakes they will learn from their own mistakes.

Years before in ancient times Kings used to send the Princes and the Princesses away from the palace to study. Once they were mature enough and learnt the tricks of their trade were they called back to their kingdom to handle it. Parents should not let their concerns come in way of their children’s dreams. Trust plays a very important role in the parent–child relationship. The media in our country play an important role in converting that trust to mistrust .

The media should be advised to shun sensational headlines and the exaggeration of rave parties and rash driving. Give it a thought, why don’t the media ever cover a child when he or she has had a great party. Leaving aside the problems of population, inflation, reality shows a thousand watt flashbulb is put on the supposed wayward ways of the youth. and This can only be done by giving the youth freedom to showcase their thoughts, talents, ideas and allowing them to stand up for themselves.

What kind of adults will today’s youth be, will be dependent on how they were prepared for their adulthood. Things like being taught to fight, escape, fitness, ability to think for self, be resourceful, ,streetwise levels capability to cope up with stress will directly or indirectly be dependent on the freedom the adults got in their youth. I would just request the parents one thing: The youth need their own identity, an individuality symbolizing free spirit of knowledge and enterprise. World is growing around the youth rapidly. Give them the freedom to explore it!

Everything must change, so why should the American Dream be any different? Still, Time Magazine financial writer Dan Kadlec suggests some cause for alarm in the aspirations of young adults today, as he describes in this February 2014 article from the magazine.

Kadlec, "Millennials put their surprising stamp on the American Dream” 

  1. The headline on Kadlec’s article asserts that Millennials’ interpretation of the American Dream is “surprising.” What is surprising about it to Kadlec? Is it surprising to you? Why or why not?
  2. Kadlec seems to suggest that there is something troubling or noteworthy about how much the goals and priorities of the Millennial generation differ from those of generations before. Does it seem reasonable and accurate compare the aspirations and priorities of people at very different ages and stages of life? Why or why not?
  3. What was Kadlec’s point in mentioning the Rolling Stone article? How well does that paragraph support Kadlec’s main points? Explain your reasoning.
  4. What is your American Dream? To what extent is it aligned with the priorities of your generational group (whichever it is) as Kadlec describes them? Write an essay describing your American Dream and comparing it with the dream of your parents and their generation. How have historical and economic conditions shaped your dream?
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