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Causes Of The French Revolution Essay

A revolution broke out in France in 1789 between the people of first and second Estates and the people of the Third Estate because the people of the Third Estate were treated incredibly unfair so they came together and took matters into their own hands. The three most important causes of the French Revolution were the bad economy and unfair taxes paid by the Third Estate, lack of voice and rights, and the idea of enlightenment and the inspiration of the American Revolution. The revolution led to the execution of the king and queen of France, Louis XVI and Mary Antoinette.

The cost of food began to rise in the 1700's because of deficit spending over the years on wars and a building. The government needed to make money so they taxed basically everything possibly available to the people of the Third Estate, which consisted of the middle class, who were landowners, bankers, merchants, manufacturers, and more. Commoners and the poorest peasants are also part of the Third Estate. The First Estate made up 1% of the people and owned 10% of the land, the Second Estate made up 2% of the people and owned 35% of the land, and the Third Estate makes up 97% of the people and owns 55% of the land. Lands held by nobility were taxed very little but lands held by commoners were taxed heavily. Bad harvests caused the price of food to rise even more, therefore many people cannot...

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Causes of the French Revolution Essay

1255 words - 5 pages Analyze the various causes of the French Revolution. Include social, economic and ideological factors Just as any story has a climax; one can deduce that the 17th and 18th centuries were the turning point for most of European history; however, different places experienced this change in different ways. As the previous discoveries and inventions were made by remarkable scientists like Galileo, the Enlightenment was the next logical step in the...

Causes of the French Revolution Essay

1010 words - 4 pages The French Revolution was incited by a variety of reasons. At the time, the government was in a serious deficit resulting in great taxations. They had spent huge sums of money on the French and Indian War, and the king and nobility consumed much money to keep up with their lavish lifestyles. In addition, there was a severe economic depression at the time. In areas of agriculture, manufacturing, and trade, there were great downturns. Also,...

Causes of the French Revolution

1866 words - 7 pages Causes of the French Revolution There is no doubt that the French Revolution has had a profound effect on the world. The cause or causes of it have been greatly disputed. Clearly the Revolution's primary cause was the presence of a weak monarchy and a lack of a stable system of government. France's absolute monarchy had many changes toward the end of the eighteenth century. Louis XIV, in his attempts to centralize his authority and...

causes of french revolution

1867 words - 7 pages The French Revolution: Causes, Outcomes, Conflicting InterpretationsCauses of the French Revolution:-1. International: struggle for hegemony and Empire outstrips the fiscal resources of the state2. Political conflict: conflict between the Monarchy and the nobility over the "reform" of thetax system led to paralysis and bankruptcy.3. The Enlightenment: impulse for reform intensifies political...

Causes Of French Revolution

3619 words - 14 pages The Causes of the French Revolution.The French revolution overthrew the country?s ancient monarchy, proclaimed Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and fought off a hostile Europe. It ushered in a new age, but at a terrible price in blood and human suffering. There were many causes of the Revolution. The French Revolution appears to have been the outcome of both long term and short term factors, which arose from the social and political...

Causes of french Revolution

793 words - 3 pages The event most commonly associated with the beginning of the French Revolution is the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. Instigated by rumors that the King had begun to organize military forces for a counterattack against government reformers, a crowd of urban Parisians converged upon the Bastille with the intent of staging a preemptive strike against the monarchy. A state prison and military armory, the Bastille had been seen by the...

Causes of the French Revolution DBQ.

1102 words - 4 pages The late 1700's were a period of great social and political revolution in Western civilization. The French Revolution was a major part of this sweeping change in the way Europeans (and the newborn Americans) perceived the function of government and the most effective ways of governing. The French Revolution had many long term and short...

Influential Causes of the French Revolution

2396 words - 10 pages The French Revolution of 1789 had profound consequences and influences. The Revolution was a time of political change different from earlier revolutions in world history. France's society in the eighteenth-century was structured as a pyramid filled by the Court and aristocracy, the middle classes or bourgeoisie, and the peasants, urban tradesmen, and craftsmen. As the century went on, conflicts and tension became sharper. The French Revolution...

Causes and Effects of the French Revolution

2250 words - 9 pages Revolution? The major cause of the French Revolution was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society. The French Revolution of 1789-1799 was one of the most important events in the history of the world. The Revolution led to many changes in France, which at the time of the Revolution, was the most powerful state in Europe....

DBQ- Causes of the French Revolution.

544 words - 2 pages The French revolution was the result of many problems concerning the unfair treatment of the middle class and peasants (the 3rd Estate). The 3rd Estate made up 97% of the total population of France, and yet they only counted as one third of the total votes. The lower class was forced to pay heavy tailles, while the upper class paid minimal. The price of...

Causes and Reactions of The French Revolution.

1388 words - 6 pages There were many reasons behind the series of uprisings that became the French revolution. The new bourgeois class was demanding social mobility. No matter how much money these middle class citizens had earned, they were still considered members of the third estate, denying them much power and status. As these literate men of wealth tried to emancipate "themselves from the position of clients of the nobility," they "wrote for the great public,"...

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