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Dissertation topics in hospitality management address a wide range of hospitality events. Research topics for hospitality management students can range from events to conferences, a part of the conventional hotel and tourism industry alone. Project topics in hospitality management offer diverse scope for research to students planning to write their paper.

Dissertation topics in hospitality management examples List:

The following is a suggested list of hospitality management thesis topics to help you think about what to write on:

Lifestyle entrepreneurship- a study of the emerging trends in the UK.

What policies and principles guide Destination Management Organizations to plan consumer\ segmentation- a study of the UK.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall…." Do looks play an integral part in customer engagement positions in the UK hospitality industry during the hiring process?.

How has the UK tourism industry taken green, sustainable measures? An investigation.

A primary investigation of visitor experiences in relation to their prior image and expectations of UK as a tourist destination.

A review of the training protocols of hotel managers in the UK hospitality industry.

Service quality in three star hotels- views from customer and management perspectives.

How is hotel staff trained to handle guest requests and complaints? A primary investigation from the UK.

How do hotels define the term "Hospitality"? A primary research of two culturally different hotels in the UK.

A primary analysis of successful elements of customer lunch experience in UK restaurants with different cultural backgrounds.

Environmental Management Systems and their practical implementation in the UK- a systematic review.

Architectural inspiration, technological advancement or beautiful landscapes? An analysis of travel destination packages through the eyes of visitors.

The importance of language for positive consumer experience in the UK hospitality sector- a systematic review.

How do hotels in the UK plan and manage food choices and quantities during peak tourist seasons? A primary investigative study.

Does increased tourism to the UK affect its aged population? A review.

A systematic review of the impact of Virtual Reality on tourism in the UK.

Social media marketing of travel destinations- a systematic literature review.

A study of the image and motivation for cruise ships in Norway.

Historical buildings- to renovate or not to renovate- How does tourism dictate this question?

Hotel bookings based on social media recommendations in the UK- a primary investigation.

Managing sports events- a review of the critical trends and challenges in the UK.

A literature review on the history of event management in the UK, current trends and future implications.

Tourism through social media marketing- analysis of trends and challenges.

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Tourism Management Dissertation Topics

Tourism management is the discipline that deals with the generalised management along with entrepreneurial, specialised and practical skills and competencies required for effective and efficient outcomes for recreation and leisure travel. Tourism is the fastest growing industry globally that has direct and indirect implications on economic, social and political indicators. In order to maximise the advantages and minimise the disadvantages from tourism development, the discipline has also included the perspectives of social sustainability and policy makers. Traditionally, the countries that have natural comparative advantage were seen as the focal point of the tourism industry, however the economic relationship of the industry has led the countries lacking such comparative advantage to use their history, heritage, culture, festivals and mega-events to promote and develop tourism. Topic suggestions below could help you narrow your research for your tourism dissertation.

• What are the key antecedents shaping domestic and overseas tourism preferences of British tourists?
• Development of decision making framework of British tourists in selecting tourist destinations during the summer holidays.
• Perception and attitude of millennials toward cruise holidays.
• Explicit or implicit factors affecting European city break package tours among British customers.
• Critical analysis of “I Amsterdam” city branding campaign to improve the negative image of Amsterdam.
• Perception and attitude towards Bangkok as a winter holiday destination among British tourists.
• Role of global terrorism in shaping the image of tourism destinations – Case study of Egypt and Tunisia.
• The implications of the Tsunami on the tourism industry in Phuket, Thailand.
• Role of strategic human resource management in developing sustainable competitive advantage in contemporary budget hotel chains.
• What makes South East Asia an attractive tourist destination during winter for British customers?
• The Role of London Olympics in enhancing the scope of tourism to the city.
• Perception and attitude toward Beijing’s world heritage tour among British tourists.
• Use of sporting events to develop tourism branding – Analysis of Qatar with regards to the FIFA World Cup.
• What are the disadvantages of tourism development and how can policy makers minimise them?
Critical evaluation of summer festivals in the UK as a source of domestic tourism development.

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