Swe Assignment Of Contract


You would like to know the process for assigning a Hub to a Contract in BIM 360 Team (formerly A360 Team).


The steps to assign an BIM 360 Team Hub to a Subscription contract are as follows:

Note: Multiple contracts can be assigned to one hub either to transition to a new contract with different terms or to add access through a new subscription.

  1. Log in to Manage.Autodesk.com as the Contract Manager on the BIM 360 Team/Collaboration for Revit contract. Then click "Access now" under BIM 360 Team.

    The Contract Manager must have a seat for the product assigned to you or you will not see BIM 360 Team on the Products and Services page.

Note: If you just had the seat assigned to you, you will not see the BIM 360 Team access for up to 4 hours.

  1. Click "Access Now" or the "Chain Link" to be directed to the contract assignment page.

    From this page, the purchased contract can be assigned to the respective BIM 360 Team hub by selecting the Team hub and clicking on "Assign Contract" option.

    If the required hub is not listed in the drop-down list, you can enter the hub URL manually in the input field.

  1. Once the contract is assigned to a Team hub, the "Contract Listing" page will show the details of the contract along with the Hub to which the contract has been assigned.

  1. Once the contract is successfully assigned, the subscription details will show up in the BIM 360 Team hub dashboard.


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