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American Dreamers: Why immigrants start so many businesses

Curbs on immigration pushed by President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress alarm critics who regard foreign newcomers as a vital source of entrepreneurship.

Indian professionals are happy with the contours of Donald Trump's latest immigration policy

The US has skill gaps and needs Indian IT professionals. Now it seems very likely that the govt will put in place some rules to meet with its requirements of professionals.

Kuwait announces amnesty, big relief for thousands of Indian workers

Kuwaiti government today announced that it won't impose any penalty on them. The amnesty has been granted from January 29 to February 22.

Fewer Indians willing to work abroad: Survey

Preference for foreign work locations has seen a 10 percentage point plunge to 60% in a year in the latest TimesJobs survey.

Saudi, UAE VAT to adversely affect majority of Indians: Former diplomat

Of them, the lower middle class and middle class sections will get affected the most as they are already feeling the pressure on account of high cost of living, said the diplomat.

Indians largest non-EU migrants in UK

305,000 people born in India are estimated to have moved to the UK between July 2016 and June 2017, making India the most common migrant nationality in the country.

Qatar to simplify residency procedures of expat workers

A new agreement had been signed between the Qatari Interior Ministry and a Singapore-based company for completing all of the Qatari residence procedures of expatriate workers.

'Hate crimes have become fact of life for South Asians in US'

SAALT alleged that Trump has encouraged and emboldened hate violence against the South Asian communities through his administration's anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.

Indian indentured labourers' a story of success: Diplomat

As many as 3.5 million Indians were transported to various colonies of European powers to provide labour, mainly for sugar plantations.

India working closely with UAE to address issues faced by migrant workers: Official

India's High Commissioner to the UAE Navdeep Suri said the MEA is working actively with state governments to see how it can improve the scenario for migrant workers.

Kuwait releases 22 Indian prisoners; commutes sentences of 97

The Emir of Kuwait has freed 22 Indian prisoners and commuted the sentences of 97 others lodged in the Arab country's jails.

Death sentence of 15 Indians commuted to life term in Kuwait: Sushma Swaraj

The Emir of Kuwait, apart from commuting the death sentence of 15 Indians to life, has also directed that the sentence of 119 Indians be reduced.

170 Indians evacuated from hurricane-hit Sint Maarten

External Affair Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar had said in a tweet late last night that 110 Indians and Indian-origin evacuees were brought to Curacao from Sint Maarten.

UAE topples Saudi Arabia as top draw for Indian job seekers in Gulf

Oman came a close third with 30,413 migrants, which is 16.5% of the total Gulf migration. In 2016, Kuwait was the third most popular destination.

Three Wipro employees among 8 Indians killed in UK road accident

The bus was carrying a group of 11 passengers who were being driven to London to meet a coach which was taking them on a last minute holiday to France.

Sikhs one of the top targets of hate crimes in US: Community leaders

Among the speakers yesterday at the Gurdwara was retired Oak Creek Police officer Brian Murphy, who was shot fifteen times before the shooter was brought down.

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In “Get Ahead by Going Abroad,” Stacie Nevadomski Berdan and C. Perry Yeatman identify five qualities that are crucial to overseas success: adaptability and flexibility; the ability to listen and communicate well; skill at building teams and relationships; patience and persistence; and curiosity and open-mindedness. The “command and control” personality — a hallmark of American leadership — does not tend to work well cross-culturally, Ms. Berdan said.

Her book focuses on women; she and Ms. Yeatman found that the women they surveyed who worked abroad (the typical assignment was three to five years) advanced professionally at a much faster pace than women who stayed in their home countries.

That is an incentive to pursue foreign work, not to mention that being overseas is “a mind-bending cultural experience,” Ms. Berdan said. But how to begin?

Many people think of American multinational companies when they seek a foreign job. But cast your net wider by looking at companies based overseas, especially those with headquarters in your designated foreign country, Ms. Berdan said. Find out about these companies through Web sites like and

And don’t forget about the State Department, nongovernmental organizations and nonprofit groups, if your interests and ideals tend that way.

For the unemployed who are not afraid to take a risk, Ms. Berdan says, it can be effective to move to the foreign city of your choice and look for a job when you get there. (This, of course, is much easier to do if you are single.)

Do your research, and consider countries that have high growth rates over all or in a particular industry, Ms. Berdan said. China, India and Brazil are on a growth surge, for example, and tourism is strong in countries like Costa Rica and Belize, she said.

If you are going to pick up and move without a job, have at least six months of savings and be aware of visa requirements and tax laws along with personal safety issues, she added.

Expatriates are usually a small and close-knit group, Ms. Berdan said. Network with them online before you move to start obtaining job leads; she says one good site for international networking is

If you want to position yourself for a foreign assignment at your current company, raise your hand early and often, Ms. Berdan said — volunteer to take that midnight call from a different time zone.

Of course, it also helps to know a foreign language or two, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing an overseas dream. It isn’t a deal-breaker at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. The company can put people through intensive language training both before and after arrival at the foreign country, said James H. Wall, global managing director of talent.

Deloitte’s member firms have operations in over 150 countries, and demand is strong for overseas workers in big emerging markets like China, India and Brazil, he said, along with Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Deloitte’s openings are in accounting and auditing; tax services; financial advising; and management consulting.

Like Ms. Berdan, Mr. Wall says overseas experience tends to help people’s careers — especially in the new, more global economy. “We really encourage international exposure and experience,” Mr. Wall said. “It creates a more well-rounded professional.”

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Correction: December 6, 2010

An earlier version of this article contained the wrong credit for an illustration that accompanied this story.  The illustration was done by Sean Kelly, not David Klein.

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