Love Peace And War Essay Outline

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War and Peace Essay: The Importance of Sonya

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The Importance of Sonya in War and Peace


Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace speculates deeply about history, religious life and human brotherhood. Most readers focus on the characters of Natasha, Prince Andrew, and Pierre. Another character named Sonya, who is an orphaned cousin, is staying with the Rostov family. Sonya is overshadowed by the other characters, however, she is vital to the rounding out of the other characters in the novel.


 The people she loves most take her life of commitment and sacrifice for granted. The reader is thus also inclined to give little emphasis to her role in their lives and in the novel as a whole. As someone who has essentially nothing, Sonya is willing to give everything she has to…show more content…

The bond between these two characters allow Tolstoy to set up many interesting situations. Tolstoy often puts the two women into parallel situations and uses Sonya as an anti-thesis to Natasha.


At the beginning of the novel, both Natasha and Sonya are "in love." Natasha is in love with Boris, and Sonya with Nicholas. Through the love of teenage girls, the feelings present the first situation employed by Tolstoy to compare the two friends. Both Boris and Nicholas are leaving for the war with the promise of one day marrying the two young girls who they now leave behind. The departure of Nicholas devastates Sonya. She vows to always love him even though she knows in her heart how hard it would be for the two cousins to marry. Sonya feels this so strongly that she gives Nicholas her undying love. This devotion never ceases despite several temptations. The same cannot be said for Natasha.


Natasha's love for Boris is short-lived, which leaves the reader to wonder whether it is true love at all. Natasha later takes a liking to Prince Andrew, Pierre, Denisov, and Anatole Kuragin. Only when she has fully matured does she finally realize her true love for Prince Andrew and then for Pierre. Both women are presented with alternatives to the men to whom they have pledged their love, and both women react like true opposites, revealing Tolstoy's use of Sonya as an anti-thesis.


After Natasha and

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