How To Be A Smart Student Essay

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    Pay attention in class. If you don't, you might not understand what your teacher is teaching you. Do not talk to your friends or pass notes. Refrain from daydreaming as this can cause you to lose focus completely. Dedicate yourself to studying and learning the curriculum.

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    Be prepared for school at all times. Eat your breakfast and bring everything you need before leaving home. In class, make sure all books that you need are with you.

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    Follow instructions. If you follow the instructions your teachers are giving you, you will be a smart student in no time! If you don't follow instructions, you may misread a question, which will affect your exam grades.

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    Study. Always study so you can memorize what you have learned. Your teacher might give a little quiz from time to time about everything you learned before, and if you're not prepared, you will not do well.
    • Study for all your exams and tests. Don't do it one day before the test/exam, though. You will never remember anything after the test.
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    Become more organized. Being organized will help you find the right papers at the right time. Being unorganized will probably lead to missing papers and homework. Bullet journaling is very helpful, but if you don't want to bullet journal you don't have to. A binder and planner pages work just as good.

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    Finish your homework on time. It's very important! It gives you the practice that you need to prepare you to be ready for a test or an exam. Treat all homework like a test paper. Think homework as crucial, and if you don't finish it you're not going to graduate.

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    Prioritize. Which is more important, Facebook or your homework? Always set up a schedule and plan ahead. Do the stuff that is more important first before anything else.

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    Take down notes in school. Whenever the teacher is talking non-stop and you can't remember your lessons, write down whatever he/she is saying. Go home and revise lessons. If you have problems you can always ask the teacher after class hours.
    • Don't copy everything down, though. The teacher will probably be talking too fast. Instead, write the main ideas and then ask the teacher about the rest.
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    Mix with the right friends. Don't mix with those friends who call you a "nerd" or a "study freak". Sometimes it can bring you down, leaving you upset and, in some situations, you may let go of your studies completely because of them. Just be nice to them and tell them why you want to study hard. If they can't accept it, then it's fine. Socialize with different circles of friends who have the same interests like you and accept you for the person you are.

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    Sleep early. Sleeping early can help you become fresher in the mornings and can help you think clearly. If you don't sleep early, you will be very sleepy in class and you will lose focus. A teen needs about 8-10 hours of sleep a day. Make sure that you at least get 8 hours into your sleep routine.

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    Ask for help as necessary. This will make sure you get the most out of your education.

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    Never let anyone bring you down. If you're planning to go to a good college and you're always reading books in school because of that, never let any of your friends demoralize you. If they call you a "nerd", that is fine; but you can choose to ignore them instead of absorbing their teases or stopping your studies. They are the ones who will regret when the exam results are out and they didn't score well.

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