Conversational Ball Games Expository Essay Powerpoint

Assignments listed by the week: All Assignments are on our class Canvas

March 5-9  Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-Students will continue to work on assignments from last week that they hadn't finsihed. Classes will start sharing about the two diseases they have been researching. Students will also receive a couple of sheet to reinforce Chapter 3. One on gathering information Unit 1, Lesson 5 and an Annotating for Text-based Evidence.

Gathering Information Chapter 3 ALWTW

Gathering Information Lesson 5 ALWTW

Annotation Comparison of article Chapter 3

Time Trip Article Chapter 3 ALWTW

Homework all classes-read chapter 4 in A Long Walk to Water and fill in columns 2 and 4 for Nya and Salva.


Tuesday-Core 1 Ms. Rogers Read Chapter 4 of A Long Walk to Water. Fill in Readers Notes for columns 3 and 5.

Wednesday-Answer Questions for Chapter 4

Thursday-Compose graphic organizers for Chapter 4 quesstions over A Long Walk to Water.

Friday-Cornell Notes Due/Possible Test TBA


Week of Feb. 26-March 2 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-Students worked on completed graphic organizers for chapters 1 and 2.

Tuesday-Core 1 had Ms. Rogers Students worked on finishing their research for the internet activities.

Wednesday-Mosts students started working on the Diseases Project.

Thursday-Read Chapter 3 and filled in the Reader's Notes

Friday-Cornell Notes Due Students were completing all unfinished work.

Have a great weekend!


Week of Feb. 19-23 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-Students worked on Chapter 1 and 2 Questions for A Long Walk to Water this time new questions that they had to answer using graphic organizers. 

Tuesday-Read Works "Burger Battles", "Preassessment Review", Karate Teacher Rocks"

Wednesday-Read Works-"Room Sized Computer in Your Digital Music Player" and read the story "Zoo" in your literature book. p. 302-303. Answer the questions on p. 304 1-8, draw out the organizer.

Thursday-Read the tory "Conversational Ballgames" p. 379-383 Answer the questions on p. 384 in complete sentences restating the answer in your answer.

Friday- Students working in Canvas again on graphic organizer and internet activities for Chapters 1 and 2 of A Long Walk to Water. Cornell Notes due.

Week of Feb. 12-15 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-Read Chapter 2 of A Long Walk to Water and fill in the Reader's Notes sheet.

Tuesday-Answer the Chapter 1 and 2 Questions in complete sentences restating the question in your answer.

Wednesday-Draw a T-Chart for setting and conflict to fill in as we read each chapter in A Long Walk to Water.

Thursday-Cornell Notes Due Students continued to work on the above work not finished. Bomb Threat No School.

Friday- Teacher Workday

Week of Feb. 5-9 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-ELA Benchmark Testing

Tuesday-Math Benchmark Testing 

Wednesday-Intro to Unit on A Long Walk to Water - Assignments will be posted on Canvas soon. Read the two Scenarios and Create a Venn Diagram. I am posting one for you to go by. Students will need to show me (Mrs. Harrison) when they complete all assignments in Canvas. There are directions in Canvas under A Long Walk to Water.

Scenarios Venn Diagram

Thursday-Module 1, Lesson 1, Unit 1 Notes - copy into your Reading Journal.

Unit 1 Notes

Friday-Read Chapter 1 of A Long Walk to Water fill the Reader's Notes worksheet.


Current Standards 7.9

Week Jan. 29-Feb. 2  Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Enrichment this week: Silent Speed Ball reviewing vocabualary from the Standards. Students should be studying these words at home. They could be using some of the tools on Quizlet to study, such as the matching game.

Students should complete 1 Read Theory Reading Test Each day in class.

Monday-Some students may need to finish the 7.1-7.8 Standards Review Test. Other may need to finish turning in the previous 10 assignments that were due last week. Those who finish should be working on the to Civil Rights articiles dealing with segragation.

Tuesday-AIG Ms. Rogers for Core 1 today. All Students who have not taken or finish the School Net test need to take or finish it today. Please. Thanks. Sudents are still completing assignments in Canvas for Standard 7.9

Wednesday-Introduced 3 new videos for the students to view after they read the two articles on segragation to work on after they finish reading the articles and answering the text dependent questions.

Thursday-Students are still completing assignment and beginning to work on the segragation atricles. Taking a short quiz in Mastery Connect this morning to make sure students remember how to login. Their benchmark tests next week will be on Mastery Connect.

Friday-Review the questions on the School Net Test looking specifically at vocabulary used and identifying if students even had to read the selections or were they being tested over vocabulary, context clues, or explicit or implicit textual evidence.

7.8 Standard

We are building now on what we've learned so far this year.

Week of Jan. 22-26  Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Students start everyday by taking a Read Theory Test to improve reading fluencey and comprenhension.

Enrichment this week will be on: Literary Analysis: Expository Essay

Monday-Students continued to work in Canvas on taking Cornell Notes over the two videos on Compare and Contrast. As a class we looked at how to take our 1st quiz in Canvas and how to video conference.

Word Wall 7.8

Tuesday-Core 1 had Ms. Rogers today. Students should be starting their essay by today. It is listed in Canvas under Standard 7.8

Wednesday- Students will read through the articles Plessy vs. Ferguson and Showdown in Little Rock as a class.  Answer the text dependent questions as a class or in your Reading Journal as directed by your teacher.

 Thursday- Using a 1/2 sheet of anchor chart paper and the Construct Arguments Organizer answer the following question.

How did these two authors present the effects of racial segregation and its challenges as addressed by Constitutional laws during the Civil Rights Movement?

Friday-School Net Test over Standard 7.8

Week of Jan. 16-19 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Students start everyday by taking a Read Theory Test to improve reading fluencey and comprenhension.

Tuesday-Students copied the 7.8 Standard and 7.8 Essential Question in their binders and put it in the literature section of their binder. In Canvas the students were to take with their shoulder partners and discuss the two them discuss in the reply box.

7.8 Essential Question

Next students were to work on a compare and contract article. Students weres given the sheet to glue in their reading journal to do their writing from.

Videos to view and take Cornell Notes on to prepare for the essay. Videos are on Canvas for students to work on at home.

Also 7.8 Voc. on Quizlet is on Canvas with instructions.

Wednesday-Core 1 Had Ms. Roger's - Early dismissal 1:00 Students will continue the work not finished on Tuesday

Thursday-Students may not have school on Thursday or may have a delay. Please listen to the news stations.

If we have school we will continue with the above mention and there will be a power point on how to write an argumentative essay for students to take interactive notes from.

Friday-Continue with the above mentioned work.

Stay warm, Stay safe.

Week of Jan. 8-12  Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-No School-Snow Day

Tuesday-No School-Snow Day Two hour delay for Staff

Wednesday- 3 hr. delay for students - teacher report on time

Students wrote about Snow Day Memories, some finished working on Test over Lemon Brown, some are making up the test.

Students Crossword Puzzles for Lemon Brown due today, must turn in by tomorrow for credit this nine weeks.

Students worked on a writing prompt in their Writing Journals: Do schools have the right to monitor students' online activity at school and home?

Reading Select: Class Set must be worked on in class titled "Password Protected"

All Students were asked to complete one Read Theory Test today.

Thursday-Student will continue to complete the work not finished on Wednesday. Most students should finish or be working on the article "Password Protected". Students will turn in their answers to be graded by the teacher.

Students need to take a least one Read Theory Test

Students who finis the above mentioned work will receive an Exercise 5 Work Sheet title "The Internet: A Brave New World of Information". Students will answer the 15 questions on notebook paper and turn into the teacher to grade.

Friday-Students will complete the above mentioned work and work on Read Theory.

Take a Read Theory Test

Complete an Exit Ticket

Compare and Contrast the two articles "Password Protected" and The Internet:... Draw a Venn Diagram to illustrate your answers.

Make it a GREAT Weekend!!!!


Happy New Year!!!

Week of Jan. 2 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Week of Dec. 18-20

Tuesday-Unit Test over "The Treasure of Lemon Brown". Students who are absent will need to make-up the test when they return. The test is open book.

Wednesday- No School-Snow Day 1/2 day for Staff

Thursday-No School-Snow Day

Friday-No School-Snow Day

Monday-Complete the Text Dependent Question for "The Treasure of Lemon Brown". The story and questions are in Canvas under "Text Interactions".

Tuesday-Completing the activities in Canvas for "The Third Wish". This story is under determining theme.

Wednesday-1/2 day students will have Intermurals and crossword puzzle "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"; for those of you who are absent here is a link to open the puzzle and print at home to finish. Need by Wednesday, Jan. 3rd.

The Treasure of Lemon Brown Crossword Puzzle

Students will take a Unit Test over "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" when they return on Jan. 2. The test will be open book.

Week of Dec. 11-15 Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-Students were to watch Video 1 in Canvas and draw a plot diagram on the short story "The Three Little Pigs"

Tuesday-Students were to watch Video 2 on What is Theme, which used the short story "Cinderella" and take Cornell Notes using color. Demonstrated how to find the theme using a tree organizer which the students drew in their reading journal. Then the students had to draw a tree and fill in the elements that helped them determine the theme of Cinderella. Next, we compared to the short story "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

Wednesday-Students complete a graphic organizer on "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" identifing the internal and external conflicts experienced by three of the characters.

Thursday-Demonstrated for the students how their Cornell Notes for viedo 2 shoud be written. Worked on a Practice exercise in Canvas on the Poem "Mother to Son".

Friday-Checking Cornell Notes today from home and on Video 2. Introducing the short Story "The Third Wish" and the assignments in Canvas. This is an assignment that will be done individually and graded by the teacher.

Week of Dec. 4 -8   Homework-20minutes of reading and taking Cornell Notes

Monday-Students will be working in Canvas and listening to the short story "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" and then completing the assignment in Canvas under Text Interaction - Assignment.

Tuesday-AIG students Ms. Roger's Students will be completing the assignment on "The Treasure of Lemon Brown.

Wednesday-Introducing students to AVID annotations for Cornell Notes. Finishing up work on Lemon Brown.

Thursday-Library Day Sharing about the story "The Treasure of Lemon Brown". 

Friday-Test over 7.3 Vocabulary and "The Treasure of Lemon Brown".

Week of Nov. 27- Dec. 1st

Monday- Students read a piece called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Then they had to answer 4 questions over standards 7.1- 2, 3, and 5. Next, groups were given a piece on anchor chart paper and a discussion question. They were to come up with a graphic organizer to express the answers to their assigned question. Final assignment-Writing-Write about 3 things you were thankful for this Thanksgiving. If you shared on of the facts or fictions with your family from the turkeys we made last Wednesday what was their response.

Tuesday-AIG students had Ms. Roger's and completed their check projects. If absent please check with Ms. Roger's about missing assignments. Students read a text titled First Female Army Rangers Say They Thought of 'Future Generation of Women' which is located in Canvas under Determining the Central Idea - Activity 2

Students took Cornell Notes using different colors for vocabulary, facts, and people in the Article. 

Wednesday-Students worked on answering the questions at the end of the above articile with their cooperative pair partner. Questions 1-4 didn't have to be written out. For the answer for question 5 students had to use explicit evidence in citing their answers. We reviewed vocabulary and I showed students how to go in quizlet and play with the flashcards and match buttons at the top of the quizlet page. These are great ways to keep yourself sharp on these words meanings.

Enrichment this week: Silent Speed Ball Vocabualry Review

Thursday-Students created anchor charts similar to the link below with their cooperative pair partner.

First Female Army Anchor Chart

Friday-Introduced my students to a new reading program that will help test, track, and show progress of individual student reading abilities by grade level increments and lexile scores. Students worked on in the program to complete the prereading level test and then take at lease one test. Students who were absent will be given their information on Monday. The program in called Read Theory. I have already enrolled all my students, so they will have to wait until they return to get their login information.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! Make it a good weekend.

Sorry I didn't have these assignments up on my website by the days for the past 2 weeks, but here is a recap, I will be glad to give time for students who were absent to make up the assignments.

Wow! how time is flying.

The prior two weeks in ELA we discussed the 4 types of Context Clues. Watch a video in Canvas on 4 types of Context Clues. We added the following chart to our notes. 

4 Types of Context Clues

We also studied difference pictures and made inferences about them. This activity was also on Canvas. We used the next two charts in our discussions.

7.1 Schema Chart

7.1 Text Evidence Part B

Turkey Project-Fact or Fiction

Students who were absent can see me for patterns to make their turkey and completet the assignment.



Monday-Review of Standards 7.1-7.5 with Mastery Connect Assessment

Tuesday- Reading ELA Benchmark-Continue working in Canvas

Wednesday- Math Benchmark-Continue working in Canvas

Thursday- Working on Canvas Activities - Inner/Outer Circle Vocabualry Kagan Game.

Friday-Working on Canvas Activities


Current Standard 7.3 and maybe 7.4 Learning Focus

Week of Oct.29-Nov. 3rd Videos this week can be found on Canvas. The students know how to access Canvas by going to

Monday-Students were given an extension on finishing their Tic Tac Toe activities. Students are going to watch a video on "Literary Analysis Setting, Place, and Time" and take Cornell Notes.

Tuesday-Students will be doing a vocabulary activity with their table groups using a "Word Knowledge" - T Chart using anchor chart paper.

Wednesday-Students will be working in collabortive pairs viewing a couple of videos on Story Elements and taking notes together to trace how a plot undolds for the reader.

Thursday-After watching the video "Mike's New Car" students will write a short story that clearly show their understanding of how a plot unfolds. Students should highlight each section a different color to make it clear. I will be out today attending the funeral of my mother-in-law.

Friday-Students will be going outside to play Inner/Outer Circle with their vocabulary cards. Students will be doing an activity trying to put a story in the order they think it would go in before they read the story.

Week of Oct. 23

Monday - Students will review the plot diagram and receive a copy of the "Blue Vocabulary" Intro to Standard RL 7.3 Analyze how and why individuals, events, or ideas develop and interact over the course of a text. Students will copy the standard in their ELA binder. Several students are still completing pages in Canvas for Determining the Central Idea. Core 1 will need to be finished by Wednesday for a class discussion and Core 2 and 3 by Tuesday.

Tuesday- Core 1 will have Ms. Rogers for AIG and finish working on Determining Central Idea for Wednesday's discuss afteer she leaves. Core 2 & 3 will finish Determining Central Idea and creating a class anchor chart on their findings. Then I'll introduce RL 7.3 Text Interactions on Short Story Elements. Students have been assigned 24 words in Canvas to make flashcards with by Friday. Students have also been assigned a Tic Tac Toe activity due on Friday. Although I want students to start working on the vocabulary in 7.3 I am having the students do a little more indepth work on the assignment with the article "Rosie the Riveter". You can see a copy of this assignment in Canvas. Your child knows how to log in. (Students must sign in to Rapididentiy then click on the red starburst to get into Canvas)

Wednesday- Students will be given time to work in Canvas to complete the Essential Question and Vocabulary. Core 1 Will discuss and create a class anchor chart. (Today students will be sharing the anchor charts they worked on Tuesday in class).

Thursday-Students will take a School Net test over Standard RI 7.2

Friday-Students who didn't finish the School Net test will finish. 


Week of Oct. 16th

Standard RI 7.2

EQ RI 7.2

Video on how to take Cornell Notes Video-How to take Cornell Notes

Monday-Students will copy Standard RI 7.2 and the EQ for RI 7.2 in the ELA binder in the literature sections.

Students will work in Canvas completing a KWL in cooperative pair groups and working on vocabulary in Quizlet.

Students are to write the words and definition out on paper, and create flashcards with the words and definitions by Wednesday.

Tuesday- Students will use the definitons to annotate the words in the Standard and EQ. Students will be working in Canvas. Students will create a 4 Box Synectics with a word the teacher provides for them. Draw the Word knowledge T chart and fill in the chart with your vocabulary words. Students who are absent can type on the pdfs and send to me through googl drive.

Wednesday-Students will contiune to work in Canvas. Student will take note from a power point on Determining Central Idea in their ELA binder. Students will watch two videos on Canvas. Students will take Cornell Notes as they watch the videos stopping whenever they need to take notes or do the activities embedded in them. (Students will need earbuds or headphones for viewing these and other videos this year) Vocabulary Flashcards due today.

Thursday-Students will go outside and we will play Inner/Outer Circle using the voc. flashcard they created from Quizlet in Canvas this week. The we will start going over the School Net test so students can better understand the answer. Students were given and opportunity to make corrections on the answers they go wrong on School Net for RI 7.1 Text Evidence.

Friday- We will go over the Mastery Connect Test for RI 7.1 and share the data as class as to our classes progress in mastering Standard RI 7.1Text Evidence. Students who haven't finish taking notes in Canvas over the two videos may work on them if there is time.

Exit Ticket-Students will be given a sheet to quickly match the vocabulary words and definitions.

Weeky Evaluation Form-Students will complete the evaluation and turn in before they leave on.

Have a super weekend!

Standard RI 7.1

Week Oct. 9th Students start each class out reading for 20 minutes and taking Cornell Notes over what they read.

Monday-No School Columbus Day

Tuesday-Students Continued to work on the Back to School Activity in Canvas. Playlist and Essay's Due by Thursday. This was the last day to work on it in class.

Wednesday- Students will take a teacher made test on Explicit and Implicit. The test will cover the understanding on the EQ and Standard for 7.1 (Part A) and the vocabulary for this standard. (text evidence, conclusion, inference, implicit, explicit, suppport) their will also be a computer reading test on school net that measures the students understand of this standard.

Thursday-Students will be taking a test over Standard RI 7.1 Text 

Friday-Students will be taking a test in Mastery Connect over RI 7

RI 7.2 How do readers determine the central idea or message, sometimes called the main idea? 

Students who finish both of their test wil go into Canvas and will be completing a KWL on the Central Idea. 

Standard RI 7.1



RI 7.2 How do readers determine the central idea or message, sometimes called the main idea? 

Students will be completing a KWL on this 

EQ RI 7.1 

Week Oct. 2nd Students start each class out reading for 20 minutes and taking Cornell Notes over what they read.

Monday-Review EQ 7.1 and Standard 7.1 In their goups students answered the 3 questions in Canvas on the Essential Question page.

Tuesday-Students did the Explicit and implicit -Vocabulary on Canvas for 7.1 Creating a 4 Box Synectics

Wednesday-Studets worked on an Assessment Prompt in Canvas to download an image of a visual to represent explicit and implicit and a brief description of each on the reply in Canvas.

Thursday- Students worked on an Assignment in Canvas called a Back to School Project. They click on the link in Canvas to view the assignment and get started.

Friday-In Canvas take Cornell Notes over Determining the Central Idea.

Have a Wonderful long Weekend! Happy Columbus Day!

Week of Sept. 25 Students start each class out reading for 20 minutes and taking Cornell Notes over what they read.

Monday-Students will take a reading test in School Net using a varitey of text to test their comprehension of standard 7.5

Tuesday-Students will read an article titled "Killing Fields" they will be answering quesions and highlighting explicit details in the text.

Several students haven’t finished taking the SchoolNet Test on the Chromebook computers. They may finish. Students should put their computers away as they finish. When they finish give them a copy of the story on my desk titled “Killing Fields”. All the instructions are written on the sheet. The students are supposed to read and work on in their groups. I wrote the assignment on the board before I left. Also, after they read and answer the questions the instructions tell them to use anchor chart paper to list examples of explicit details they highlighted on their sheets. I have already pre-cut the sheets. They are on the little table to the right of my desk under the Word Wall board. There is one sheet per group, per class. Ask them to turn in their question sheets and their group anchor chart with all their names on it to you before they leave. We will need them on Wednesday for a class discussion. Leave the charts on the same table you get the paper off of.

Wednesday- Yesterday students were given a copy of the story “Killing Fields”. Their copies with their names on them
should be on the desk. If students didn’t finish these let them finish. All the instructions are written on
the sheet. The students are supposed to read and work on these as a group. I wrote the assignment on
the board before I left. Also, after they read and answer the questions the instructions tell them to use
anchor chart paper to list examples of explicit details they highlighted on their sheets. I have already
pre-cut the sheets. They are on the little table to the right of my desk under the Word Wall board. There
is one sheet per group, per class. Ask them to turn in their question sheets and their group anchor chart
with all their names on it to you before they leave. We will need them on Wednesday for a class
discussion. Leave the charts on the same table you get the paper off of.

Yesterday students were given a copy of the story “Killing Fields”. Their copies with their names on them
should be on the desk. If students didn’t finish these let them finish. All the instructions are written on
the sheet. The students are supposed to read and work on these as a group. I wrote the assignment on
the board before I left. Also, after they read and answer the questions the instructions tell them to use
anchor chart paper to list examples of explicit details they highlighted on their sheets. I have already
pre-cut the sheets. They are on the little table to the right of my desk under the Word Wall board. There
is one sheet per group, per class. Ask them to turn in their question sheets and their group anchor chart
with all their names on it to you before they leave. We will need them on Wednesday for a class
discussion. Leave the charts on the same table you get the paper off of.

Thursday-Students are finishing their chart on Explicit Evidences from the story "Killing Fields". Today we checked vocabualry cards and work written on paper. Discuss the EQ for Standard 7.1 and the Standard.

Friday-Students will copy the Standard and EQ for 7.1 in the binders in the Literature sections and discuss thin Cae meanings of highlighted words. Students will do the Real World Activity for the EQ and work on a 4 Box Synectic using the current vocabulary words. working on Determining the Central Idea Vocabulary. 

Current Standard 7.5 moving into 7.1 Learning Focus 

Standard 7.5


Week of Sept. 18  Students start each class out reading for 20 minutes and taking Cornell Notes over what they read.

Monday-Students started working on Power Points using the story "Should Kids Play Football?" Students were to creat 7 slides. Introduction, one on each of the 5 Text Structures, and a Resource page. Today we all set up our resource slide for the power points which will be their last slide using NCWISWOWL.

Enrichment Focus this Week: Types of Nouns and Verb

Tuesday-Core 1 Google Classroom Code for AIG - Harrison  nhiaw2

Today students finish their power points. Next working collaborative pair students were to make a poster telling how they used the 5 text structures to build their houses. Some student started taking notes on Types of Nonfiction.

Test over Vocabulary, Text Structures, Types of Nonfiction, Types of Sentences.

Wednesday-Students will use the text, “Should Kids Play Football” to determine the overall text structure as a whole and within each section. Make sure to point out key words in each section to help students identify the text structures. Introduce Standard 7.1 

RI 7.1 Standard

EQ for 7.1 Explicit vs Implicit

Thursday-Exit Ticket-Provide students with a copy of “Should Kids Play Football”? Debate form. Review with the students for tomorrow's teacher made test on Text Structures 7.5

Friday-Written Test on Text Structures 7.5

Types of Nonfiction NOTES Students will need to know and discuss 3 of these for their test.

Introduction of the vocabulary for Standard 7.1 Students created Google Classroom accounts. Students should login to their classroom account and complete the vocabulary activity.

Weeks of Sept. 4th-11th  Students start each class out reading for 20 minutes and taking Cornell Notes over what they read.

Students have been instructed to write a brief summary after they finish reading their books at the end of the Cornell Notes over their book. Here is a copy of the summary out line.

Summarizing Format

 Monday-Explained how to write the Letter of Introduction. Started discussing the Essential Question: How does the organization of the nonfiction text help support the reader's comprehension. Students copied the question in the Reading Journal.

Essential Question 7.5

Enrichment this week:  Four Types of Sentences

Introduced the Vocabulary for Standard 7.5

Interactive Word Wall-students and teacher discussed prior knowledge of these words and listed connotative meanings on anchor chart paper.

Students created Vocabulary Flash Cards using definitions created in Quizlet on index cards. Word on one side and the definition to use for a Vocabulary Game Inner/Outer Circle as a meaning of reinforcing learning.

Interactive Word Wall students are to take an index card during reading time and match the words with the correct definiton. Turn the card in to the teacher and if they get them all correct they earn 5 pts. towards a grade.

Four Types of Sentences Video

Tuesday-Harrison out. Ms. Rogers the AIG teacher was here for Core 1. Then these students followed the same assignments as the other classes.

20 minutes Reading and Cornell Notes

Rubric & Instructions Passed out for the Letters of Introduction.

Letter of Introduction Rubric

Students who complete the letter are the Read the story from ReadWorks on "Earthquakes" and answer the quesions.

Wednesday-Introduced the 5 Text Structure and studens were asked to build a house out of construction paper, straws, string, popsicle sticks, glue and pipe cleaners working in groups of 3-4.

The 5 Types of Text Structures Video

5 Text Structures

Text Structure NOTES

Text Structure Workmat

Thursday-Took the students outside to play the Vocabulary Game Inner/Outer Circle.

Friday-Cornell Note Check over home reading. Students read and discussed a stroy called "Should Kids Play Football?"

 Should Kids Play Football - Article from Scholastic Scope

Then students worked in collaborative pair groups to Find Text Structures

Finding Text Structures - Worksheets

Today was Library day and Mrs. Woodard taught the students lesson on copyrights and plagiarism. She also showed the students how to use NCWISEOWL to cite references. 


Week of August 28th  Students start each class out reading for 20 minutes and taking Cornell Notes over what they read.

Monday-Read through student handbook, passed out syllabus for ELA, went over general rules and procedures.

View a powerpoint introducing Mrs. Harrison, list 10 things students want the teacher to know about them, and created a Find the Fiction to share with the class.

Welcome Power Point 2017-2018

Tuesday-Mrs. Harrison was out. Students read the short story "Papa's Parrot" on p. 26 in the literature book, and answered the questions on p. 30, 1-9 on notebook paper and turned in the sub at the end of class. Students who completed the questions were asked to draw an illustration of the parrot or jelly beans on their paper from the story illustrations. An additional story to read on p. 638-640, "It's a Math World for Animail" and answer the questions on p. 641, and they could draw an illustration of a dog to go along with their story.

Wednesday-Continued reading and review school and County policy manuals. 

Thursday-Finished reading the County and school policy manuals. Organizing Binders. Students need a notebook or binder for my class ELA. Dividers should be labeled:




Cornell Notes


Parents thank you for your help in helping your child get these materials.

Friday-Talked about "Strike Sheets" and "Cooperative Group Leader Sheets", Group responibilities and behavioral reward system use in our class.










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