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by Sasha Mazikins

What’s better than walking around Downtown Frederick looking at the beautiful Christmas lights, snow falling, and drinking some hot chocolate? When I was little I would count down the days till winter, just because I loved how happy everyone is. There’s a stronger sense of togetherness during the winter. Why? Because I think that the holidays and the cold brings family together.

“I love the winter because I never get allergies, and I love the fashion,” said Demi Colbert, Junior.

In the fall in winter you start seeing scarves, hats, gloves, jeans, sweatshirts, and boots. It’s definitely easier to get ready in the winter because you don’t have to worry about if your tank top straps are thick enough, or if your shorts are long enough. Nope, you can just throw on one of the many sweatshirts in your closet and head to school. It’s definitely a comfier season.

“I love winter because of the snow days, and making giant snow men,” said Catherine Chin, Junior.

Nothing compares to relief you feel when you wake up at 6 A.M, see that school is cancelled, and knowing that you get to go back to sleep. It’s great to get an extra day to catch up on sleep, and/or homework. The school in between snow days just makes you appreciate the time off even more.

“I prefer the winter because I love Christmas, and Winter Break,” said Katie Johnson, Junior.

As winter comes to an end, make sure you appreciate the comfy sweaters, the hot chocolate, and the last few snow days!

by Sarah Grace McElwain

Many students at Walkersville High School start counting down the days until winter break on the first day of December. This year, our winter break begins on December 23rd and continues until January 3rd.

For many students, winter break is a time to relax and spend time with family and friends. It gives students and teachers a much needed break from completing and grading homework and assignments. The break also gives many students the opportunity to study for finals.

The much appreciated winter break is a debatable topic among students and teachers alike. Many would like the winter break to be longer, while others would rather have a shorter break and get a longer summer vacation.

Both options have their advantages. This year’s winter break is 12 days long (including weekends). There has also been much debate on how late schools get out for the summer. If all seven snow days are used this school year, the last day of school will be on June 20th, compared to last year’s June 17th.

What many students have noticed is that not only is our winter break short, but we will also be in school three days later than last year if we use our snow days.

Sophomore Stephanie Weaver is one student that thinks winter break should be longer. Weaver said, “You need to be able to spend time with your family. We should get like three weeks to see them.” She also said she would rather get out later and have a longer winter break.

Freshmen Breanna Storey, however, sides with the opposing view. “I’d rather get out earlier for summer because it’s a relief knowing you have like three months without school work.” Storey also says that winter break “seems short” but would still rather have a longer summer break.

Junior Denae Hurt said that she would rather have a longer summer break because, “you can’t really be outside as much in the winter.” Hurt also believes that there should be a longer winter break as well.

I personally think there should be a compromise. Maybe we could add a day or two on to winter break, but not have to be in school for half of June. Hopefully, we will not use all of our snow days and be able to get out of school before June 20th.

How ever you end up spending your winter break, use your time wisely! Our next big break is not until March!

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