Whoever Controls The Media Controls The Mind Essay Checker

Their online reputation is simply confusing and it goes both ways. Let me just show a few cases which give cause for concern.

1. Web Archive and Reviews

According to Web Archive (http://web.archive.org/web/*/prescottpapers.com), their website operates since January 2014.

But reviews at Sitejabber and TrustPilot only started to appear from 2016 and 2017. They are solely positive. That's just not the way life works.

2. Fake Reddit Reviews

Reddit is also full of positive reviews, but many are from 1 day old accounts that only posted that specific comment. Some examples:

UPDATE: Dec 26, 2017
After I published this article, 3 out of 4 reviews magically disappeared. These reviews were positive. Now, the question then arises: why did users delete their reviews and did it almost simultaneously? It's simple, guys. These were not real reviews and users. I'm fairly certain PrescottPapers.com is a gang of liars.

By the way, I made screenshots from Google's cache and you can see them below.

3. Subreddits Management

Reviews above were posted at PaperMarket subreddit where Greg Prescott is a moderator. He also monitors other essay writing related subreddits (as of December 15, 2017):

On this occasion, I wish to quote Jim Morrison: "Whoever controls the media controls the mind".

There are lots of signs that they are trying to create an image for themselves by posting these fake reviews, but there are also many reviews that seem real, and are coming from people with reputation. That means there's a probability that they have started off with some fake reviews but then since the quality of their service is good, students started saying good things about them too.

4. Silence Negative Criticism

Do you know why it is impossible to find reviews about PrescottPapers.com on the Internet except for those that were created by their marketing team? Because PrescottPapers.com threatens website owners (myself included) to commence a lawsuit for the purpose of stopping continued defamatory statements and false advertising. And it works. I noticed at least 3 sites that have recently deleted their reviews. Oh, my God, this is so fucked up.

Everything is not how it seems – especially in the face of the media. The saying “truth is stranger than fiction” is surprisingly accurate, for we have been deceived on such a massive scale with the information exported through the media.

Now, does it really matter ‘who’ controls the media? I mean; I could probably come up with ideas for both sides of the argument. But at the same time, it is my own personal opinion, that no matter ‘who’ controls the media, there’s always going to be people who break through.

As an active user of many social media forums, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, through not only my laptop but smartphone. On a daily basis. This media has become a constant in today’s society. These are all forms of social media and let people speak out about issues in today’s society. Many of our ‘news mediums’ may be completely different.

The influence of all this modern media is at such a high stake; the community relies on many bases of not only social media, but regular media for their daily dose of the news – but is what we’re being ‘fed’ all correct, or insanely one sided? There are vast ranges of media, from News Presentations, to blogs, to Facebook pages and twitter. And these are all owned by certain people/corporate businesses.

Our most influential and most publicised individual in Australia is none other than the ‘great’ Rupert Murdoch. Through his/News Corp’s mass ownership of many newspapers, magazines, Foxtel and Fairfax. 

Rupert Murdoch definitely doesn’t control (much) of the media that I use personally, but still has a massive impact in a lot of the media that I encounter on a daily basis. It is of my personal opinion, that having one single individual controlling such an immerse use of the media could ultimately “corrupt” some of the community.

This single person sends out the information that we are being ‘fed’ every single day, whose to say it isn’t the most biased thing in the entire world? How do we know that what we hear and see every single day is brainwashing us into thinking exactly what he wants us to think?

It all comes down to this… who owns the media controls it, and there’s not a high chance that that’ll change anytime soon. They control what we see and hear in the media, and this is a big issue that people need to be aware of.

Love, Lauren

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