Ahahui Kalakaua Scholarship Essay


Scholarship Essay

•  Scholarship application and essay deadline is June 1, 2018

•  Students who do not follow the topic and formatting requirements listed below
    will be disqualified.

•  The scholarship essay must discuss Why you applied to Wichita State University AND
   at least one of the areas below:
   - Awards received or achievements made
   - Leadership positions you have held
   - Community service experience
•  The essay must be one page only
•  The essay must be typed in a Word file (.doc or .docx)
•  Guest students and exchange students are NOT eligible
•  You must include your name AND the word "scholarship" in the file name in all files
   that you upload. For examples: Michael Jackson Scholarship Essay.doc

WARNING: Plagiarism refers to using the work of others as one’s own without assigning proper credit to the source. If an applicant is found submitting a plagiarized scholarship essay, the applicant's admission to Wichita State University will be canceled.


Scholarship Essay Writing Assistance

Are you faced with the challenging task of scholarship essay writing? You will need to keep a couple of important considerations in mind if you want to make the process a successful one.

What is a Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay has a pretty self-explanatory name. This is the document that some organisations and universities will require from applicants in order to identify the best candidates for a respective scholarship.

While there are some generic formats for scholarship essay writing, individual institutions may have their highly specific requirements. Thus, reading the instructions before getting started will ensure the compliance of the scholarship essay with all of the conditions.

Good essays need to feature several key types of information. For a start, you’ll have to present the personal and the academic skills that make you a good candidate. In addition, you’ll also be asked to sometimes describe the challenges you’ve had to overcome, the challenges you’re still facing and the way in which the scholarship will contribute to your academic and your personal growth.

That’s an awful lot of information to include in a single essay! You need some creativity and you definitely need the correct set of writing skills in order to produce an impressive text. If you have to write a scholarship essay, you’ll typically have to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to the process.

Main Challenges That Students Face

A lot depends on a single scholarship essay. This is the main reason why so many people faced with the task experience insecurity. They doubt the argument and they also doubt their writing skills. Even if the essay is a good one, many candidates will feel that it’s still missing something.

There are several additional challenges that stem from the fact you have to write a scholarship essay.

A good scholarship essay requires some level of originality. Just think about it – there’s a limited number of scholarships and a big number of candidates. In order to be considered for the opportunity, you’ll have to stand out and present your case in an original and innovative way.

Many excellent students and people who correspond to all other scholarship requirements will simply miss the writing skills and the rich vocabulary needed to create an outstanding presentation.

There are a few traps that will have to be omitted along with the way. For a start, some students feel tempted to include a “sob story” in their scholarship essay. That’s a big no-no. The people responsible for picking the scholars will be doing so on the basis of merit rather than personal struggles.

Relying on clichés is another major sin. Clichés may sound comfortable and familiar but they’re tremendously overused. Excessive reliance on clichés will result in a bland scholarship essay that nobody would want to read twice.

Finally, a scholarship essay will have to demonstrate some personality while still pertaining to the respective academic style. A lot of skill and multiple drafts will be required to accomplish that goal. Adding stress to the equation makes it almost impossible for many people to complete the process on their own.

Assignment Masters can Help

Are you struggling with your scholarship essay? Are you out of time? To write a good scholarship essay, you’ll need to have months and peace of mind. Unfortunately, students often don’t have such ideal conditions.

Here’s where the Assignmentmasters team can help. We know what the elements of the perfect scholarship essay are. Many of the team members have the same experiences that you’re going through right now. In addition, they’re talented writers. This combination will result in a personalized scholarship essay that ticks all of the boxes.

Our scholarship essays will be produced in the specified timeframe and follow all of the requirements. All that you have to do is provide the input, sit back and relax. We’ll do all of the hard work, taking the pressure away and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the scholarship application process.

Being granted a scholarship is way too important and you can’t rely on pure luck to get there. A good essay can make all of the difference in the world. This is the main reason why you have to choose the right essay writing service.

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