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We render services to the students who need help in their academic matters and careers. Our main aim is to lower the burden of the students and assist them with the Business law case studies examples by virtue of which they are able to understand business laws and policies more clearly. Sometimes students are also given assignments in which they are asked to cite Business lawcase studiesexamples and our services become extremely relevant for such students.

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Business Law

Business law is an important field of law. In the 21st century our society has been influenced by capitalist ideas and thoughts. Most of the nations in the modern day world favour capitalism and are influenced by the business ideas and developments. The problems of employment, poverty etc. are common and have been expressly discussed and debated in various forums. Businesses have helped to combat these problems to a great extent. Business have changed the lives of millions of people by developing the undeveloped and by employing the unemployed. But lot of misuse and abuses have been done by businessmen in the past which caused great loss to the society at large.

We deal with various aspects the business law including the way they have been framed, ten purpose they serve, Business law case studies examples, etc.

Relevance of Case Studies

The businesses are mainly governed by the statutes and decisions of the courts. There have been instances where businesses have succeeded and brought massive changes in the lives of the employees and the stakeholders. A good businessman follows all the laws and regulations strictly and consider the interests of the stakeholders while formulating business policies. A businessman who fails to into consideration the interest of the society in large faces challenges and obstacles while conducting business. Business law case studies examples of the successful companies help us to understand what policies and strategies are to be adopted while conducting business. Business law case study examples help us to understand what formulas and strategies are not to be adopted while conducting business. Business law cases examples are relevant for the purpose of understanding what legal issues and challenges are faced by business entities.

What Help does Business Law Case Studies Examples do to the Students?

Business law case studies examples are relevant for the students who seek to understand the practices and routine of the businesses. The students pursuing courses in business law face difficulties and hurdles in finding out the important business law case study examples. The reason for which they fail to give so much time in dealing with case studies is that firstly they are already overburdened with multiple assignments and tasks and secondly many students do part time jobs along with their studies. The students nevertheless have to cope up with the academic pressure. Through our services we provide Business law case studies examples to the students which ease their burden and help them to achieve good scores in their transcripts and enable them to improve their final grades. The good scores of their transcripts and the improved final grades increase their future job prospects and opportunities.

The cases relating to business law and practices are interesting. There are a whole lot of laws and regulations which regulate the practises of the businesses, keep them in check and prohibits them from carrying immoral and illegal activities. There are also laws which mandate the businesses to take care of the community and the stakeholders while carrying out business operations. Many businesses in the past have failed to follow such regulations and have tremendously failed in their endeavour to become a good corporate citizen. Many companies have even indulged in fraudulent practices and activities. As a result several cases have been filed in the courts against those business entities. It is interesting to find out the arguments raised in those cases. The judgments of the Courts have been extremely important and have been a guide for business entities. The cases relating to business law gives us a practical aspect of what actually are practiced by businesses and what values they seek to protect while conducting businesses.

Our Expert Team keeps Updated with the Latest business Law Cases

We have experts who keep every news of the business world and maintain updated record of the latest business law cases. Our experts are well acquainted with latest developments and updates of the business law cases. The Business law case studies examples which we provide to the students are extremely helpful for the students in the context of learning the business policies and practices. In the modern capitalist society everyone should know about the impact of businesses in the society. The opportunities and the scope which the businesses provide to the society can be better understood with business law case studies examples and Business law cases examples. All these case studies and case examples are vehemently researched and studied by our expert team and the students who avail our services are hugely benefitted.

Business Law Case Study Sample

Writing a case study is not an easy task. While writing a case study one needs to follow a particular pattern and style of writing. Cases studies do not require elaborative statements or lengthy writings from the students. The case study of a successful business entity would require the relevant points which are be as follows:

  • History of the business entity
  • The structure and main policies adopted by the business entity.
  • The strategies adopted by the business towards the benefit of the stakeholders
  • Any distinctively important feature or features which distinguish the concerned business entity from the rest
  • The achievements of the business entity.

Thus case study follows a particular pattern which needs to be followed by the students, who write a case study. The students find it difficult to write a proper case study which necessitates them to take help of the experts.

We Provide Adequate Business Law Case Study Sample to the Students.

Our services include helping the students with adequate case study samples. These samples are relevant for the purpose of writing a high quality case study. The samples provide important tips and suggestions to the students for writing a case study. The students who have availed our services are extremely happy and satisfied and they have given us positive feedbacks and reviews. Moreover they have even refereed our services to their mates and friends. In this way a lot of students have seeded help from us and none of them has regretted after availing our services.

Exclusive Features of our Services

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We select the most important and most famous Business law case studies examples to help the students to get a clearer picture of the business law. The examples which we provide are thoroughly studied and researched and we also examine how those examples will benefit the students. The work which we provide is of top quality and students have found it very much relevant for their academic purposes.

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Contract Law Case Study Assignment Help

Contract law is one of the major branches of legal studies. Students pursuing legal studies need to know the various aspects associated with contract law in which they need to prepare an assignment case study.

Before you embark on this mission to prepare your contract law case study, learn the most important concepts of contract law here.

What is Contract Law?

A contract refers to the voluntary agreement between two or more parties and contract law refers to the whole body of laws governing it. Every written and even oral agreement involves an exchange of goods, services, money and properties. The body of law governs the agreement and also encompasses the obligations of the parties, limitations, privities, obligation and jurisdiction and its termination (, 2016). It also incorporates the possible remedies and legal actions in case of breach of the contract by any party. Though mainly used for commercial purposes, it also holds significance for civil purposes.
Students pursuing law are required to prepare a contract law case study assignment to exhibit their knowledge in this discipline. However, most of them do not have a firm knowledge and grip over this subject and feel helpless when they are assigned a contract law case study.

Elements of Contract

Before learning contract law, the students must have a clear idea about the different element of the contract which would help them to understand the subject better.

Offer and Acceptance

Offer and Acceptance are the most important elements for any successful contract. The offer is a statement of willingness to provide the contract on specific terms by the offerer whereas acceptance refers to the unconditional assent by the offeree with the intention of accepting the contract (, 2016).

The parties of the agreement must enter into a legal agreement to make the contract effective. It creates a legal relation between the parties as the agreement gets enforced by law. It is also important that the offerer and the offeree understand the legal implications and consequences that will follow (, 2016).


To make the contract binding, it should be supported by a valuable consideration. Consideration refers to the value promised by one party to another at agreed benefits or returns. Consideration can be money, some kind of service or right. The court or any legal institution will not question the adequacy as long as consideration exists (, 2016).
The court will never interfere in any matter of dispute if one of the parties in the agreement thinks that he made a bad deal. The deciding consideration depends on the individual value and capacity of the parties. But the court can intervene if one of the parties accuses the other of influencing or forcing the former in the deal.

Legal Capacity

The parties or people who wish to enter into the legal contract must possess the legal capacity under the purview of law. As people who are mentally impaired, minors, bankrupt, prisoners and other people explicating stated cannot enter into a contract (, 2016).


All the parties expressed their willingness to enter into a contract should enter it freely with a proper understanding of the contract details. They should not take their decision from external influence, intimidation, threat or false hope and misrepresentation (, 2016).
To devise a strong contract law case study, the students must have a clear idea about these essential five elements. But there are many students who have several queries on different aspects of contract law. Consulting contract law case study sample or contract law case study example will help them in these circumstances.

Contract law : All Your Queries Answered

Not always a contract law case study sample is able to answer and suffice all the queries. The students have numerous questions in their mind with this vast discipline under law. Here are the most important aspects of contract law discussed in detail.

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract refers to the legal action taken by any party when the other party does not honor the binding agreement or any of its clauses. If a person within an agreement breaks the contractual promise and does not perform the duty expected according to the contract, then it can be referred as breach of contract (, 2016). According to the severity and gravity of the breach, it can be classified into:

  • Minor Breaches
  • Material Breaches
  • Fundamental Breaches

While minor breaches refer to the slight violations, fundamental breaches are drastic violations ensuing legal action.

Consequences of contract breach

Firstly, both the parties can try to get into a solution through informal meetings when a dispute arises. But when they fail, the non-breaching party can seek legal remedy. This is performed through formal lawsuits and the established court system of the respective country.
The parties can also agree to hire a unanimous arbitrator who will review the contract dispute and breach and deliver a solution. But when the arbitrator too cannot provide a universally accepted remedy, it reaches the court of law.
In case of direct and proved breach of contract, the court can provide relief to the other party by awarding a remedy borne by the violator.


The violator needs to compensate the other party for the damages caused due to the breach of contract. According to the extent of the damage caused by the responsible party, the amount of compensation is decided.

Specific Performance

When the damages caused cannot be recovered through compensation then the court can ask the violator for a specific performance. Specific performance can be defined as any activity directed by the court that the breaching party must perform. But it is done when the compensation does not suffice the damages incurred. Generally, the court of law rules specific performance as a remedy when the product or service promised in the agreement is unique. Such as the real estate industry is referred to as unique where there cannot be a duplicate property with same facilities. But even the court will enforce this specific performance on the violator when the agreement made is fair and equitable without providing any undue advantage to any party.

Cancellation and Restitution

The non-breaching party can get authorization from the court of law the cancel the contract and sue for restitution when the violator get compelled to bring back the position it was before the contract was formulated.
These are the main consequences of contract breach (, 2015). Breaching contract is a serious offence and a common reason of lawsuits.

Silence as Acceptance

Generally, silence or not responding to the offer does not get considered as a sign of acceptance. However, in some specific cases or situations, silence can be treated as acceptance. Then the question arises, when the silence of a party can be regarded as a sign of acceptance? Suppose a person X sends a packet of food to another person Y and also informs that the former expects payment for it. If person Y without agreeing eats the food then this activity can be regarded as acceptance. There are some specific requirements which when sufficed can be treated as acceptance (, 2016):

  • One party has made the offer while the other did not reject the offer
  • The offerer renders a particular service to the offeree
  • The offerer provides the service at his own free will without being influenced by any other person
  • The offerer informs the offeree as the former anticipates and expects a payment from the latter
  • The offeree has complete knowledge of all the above-mentioned events
  • The offeree should have used or accepts the service in some form which can be interpreted as acceptance under court of law.

This rule can cover other formal exchange of services other than the sale of goods. But unsolicited goods sent to people without formal acknowledgement cannot fall into this category. It would be treated as gifts.

Contract law : The basics

To make a contract viable under law it must accomplish certain requirements. It includes an offer and its acceptance, consideration, purpose, eligible parties and their consent. Other than these general rules, the associated parties, depending on the type of contract may need to fulfill additional requirements.
The term contract refers to the agreement in written form which includes the following elements. It must be verified under the court of law.

  • Introduction clauses (provisions)
  • Defining the parties and key terms
  • Statement (s) of purpose
  • Obligations of each party
  • Assurances and warranties
  • Attachments
  • Signature block
The contract can also be seen as a process which can be typically divided into three separate stages (, 2016).

Both the parties (can be even more) contemplate about the prospective deal by examining the arrangement and the risks associated with it.

Phase 1: Evaluate the deal

Both the parties (can be even more) contemplate about the prospective deal by examining the arrangement and the risks associated with it.

Phase 2: Reaching the agreement

In this stage, the parties negotiate and agree on the final deal with stated agreements. Then with accordance to the consent, the written contract is finalized which will act as documentary evidence.

Phase 3: Implementation and performance

The agreement after signed by all gets implemented. All the parties must remain obligatory towards their agreement and perform accordingly. If any of the party fails to perform their task, the other party can draw them into a legal suite.

Contracts and the Law

The basic contract is formed when two separate parties enter into an agreement and obliges to perform their duties responsibly. With the term party, it can refer to any organization, person or a corporation which enters into an agreement. The agreement is legally enforceable. The main laws which govern the contract law are:

The Common Law : Common laws refer to the set of laws which are developed by judges, courts and legal tribunals which provides regard and importance to every individual case. It is based on consistent principles where similar cases are deal with a similar set of laws (, 2016). The most crucial aspects of contract law fall under the category of common law.

The Uniform Commercial Code:

Contract Law Sample - Business and Contract Law

In order to answer this question, a discussion on the rule of Indoor management is needed. When an employee or authority from a company on behalf of the company, enters into a contract with any outsider, it is considered that the company as a whole is entering into the said contract. A noteworthy case in this regard is Bank of New Zealand v. Fiberi Pty Ltd . The outsider ....

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Contract Law Sample - Contract & Agency Law

(a) “The law affects a business from the moment it commences until the time it isdissolved.”Discuss the above statement in the context of three (3) key functions of business lawaffecting commercial activity in Singapore. In your analysis, you should providespecific examples...

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Contract Law Sample - IRAC method

Barry decides to hire some ladders and planks from a local equipment hiring business to enable him to paint the exterior of his house. When he collects the hired goods, he is asked to sign a hiring agreement. Barry asks the employee of the hiring firm why he has to sign an agreement, to which the employee replies, "It is just for insurance purposes" ...

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