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To have a program which has addressed one of the major blocks to our students achieving–the ability to express themselves using formal language–has been significant.

Diagnostic test results and feedback from staff and students have been extremely positive. Writing standards have improved.

Write that Essay has had a huge impact on the quality of our student writing.

Salvatore Gargiulo

Principal, Manurewa High School

Simon Peek

Associate Principal, Macleans College

Grant Lander

Headmaster, St Paul's Collegiate

Write that Essay is a ground-breaking academic writing programme transforming writing outcomes in schools today. 

Developed by educator and author Dr Ian Hunter, the programme is anchored in Dr Ian’s unique skill-based approach to the cross-curriculum development of writing ability.  We deliver the total package: from award-winning online software through to expert professional development to cutting-edge diagnostic tools.  Our specialist educators work in schools in New Zealand and internationally to build teacher capacity and impact a generation of students. 

Every student matters; every student can be taught to express themselves more clearly and more powerfully—and grasp the life possibilities they deserve.

Dr Ian Hunter

  • Online writing software for intermediate and high schools
  • Externally-marked diagnostic testing
  • Reliable data to senior management and school boards
  • Whole school Improvement projects
  • Teacher mentoring and coaching
  • Practical classroom resources
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