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Leadership Assignment Essay

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Leadership is the ability to lead a group of people within an organization with certain values and code of conducts in an effective way. The current situation in the global market, where there is plenty of competition between various Enterprises, there is a huge demand for a useful and a successful leader. The high complexity of the technology, economic, social and political factors make all the more complicated for the leader to take favourable decisions. Consequently, the margin for error is so minimal that any wrong decision taken by the leader will put the whole group of people into precarious situation.

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In other words, The Leader should be flexible enough to make smart decisions so that the relationship with the client is not hampered under any circumstances without overcompensating the targets set forth by the Organization. All managers throughout IBM play an important position in nurturing valuable industry reliability in the workplace. They fulfil this by mounting, encouraging, and leading a culture of Oneness in their organizations which serves as a gateway to earn organizational trust.

‘IBM has recently reported a 14% increase in quarterly profit’ , By Finfacts Team, Oct 16, 2009, http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1018233.shtml

The study gives an insight about what IBM as a corporate world organization does to incorporate leadership in the current trends. A forceful visualization and a set of traits, which are commonly followed by all of the employees within the company. In this latest trend of Business culture, the leadership method revolves around the ability to incorporate a climate in which employees would have a sense of belonging as a collective group. Upon examining further, we see that the corporation has empowered every employee to act as a Leader by setting up a group trait “Trust and responsibility in all Relationships”, which directly or indirect demands every individual in the organization to take ownership of key actions to establish good relationships with the co-workers.

Chaotic and complex environment:


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