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Love In "Death Constant Beyond Love"

The strength and confusion of love lies in its diversity. Love is an individualized emotion. It is a part of who we are. Love does not look for equality, but it persists on balance. Love exists in every smile, every pounding heart, and the sweet taste of every kiss. Love is an emotional feeling in the soul and the basis of everyday life. However on earth and in this life, love is forever changing and death is the only constant. The role and significance of love in "Death Constant beyond Love", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is that of powerlessness. It emphasizes the human condition of being alone and helpless in the face of love, life and death. Love is powerless in the face of death. All of its complicities, confusions, and alterations can not compete with the ultimate confrontation of life, which is death.

Senator Onésimo Sanchez has money, power, and respect. Yet, he is isolated because of the lack of love in his life and the very money, power, and respect that he has. He is alone because he chooses to be, but his choice was no match to love. Love plays an important part in his life, because the lack of it contributes to his desolation. When he saw Farina, he was instantly taken aback by her beauty. According to the story "The Senator was left breathless" when he saw her. He held so much power, and yet he was powerless to the lustful feelings of love that he held for the teenage girl.

The lack of love in the town was apparent to the reader and because of it; the town was filled with lies and scandal, and was on the verge of deterioration. " broad daylight looked like the most useless inlet on the desert..." The love of the town was lacking and so due to the lack of patriarchy the town had to make its living off of smuggling in concubines and other illegal things. "...village by night was the furtive wharf for smugglers' ships..." People in the town were starving and they were powerless because they thought their leaders loved them and their village, but they were being misled by them.

The senator finds out that he is going to die and he decides to bear that burden alone. Death is inevitable in that everyone will die, but to live a life knowing the time that death will come alone is a torture that no one should have to bear. This life was the senator's choice, but when love came, like death, he couldn't avoid it.

When the senator told Farina that no one loved them, he was addressing the fact that they were both lonely and in need of companionship and love. Through a reader's interpretation, it could be said that Nelson did not love his daughter because he used her body as a pawn to get what he wanted from the senator. She was being sold to buy freedom and security.

Love played a significant role in Nelson Farina's life because after he killed his wife and escaped from prison, he found...

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"Death Constant Beyond Love", or "Muerte Constante Mas Alla del Amor" (1970) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a brilliant example of Romantic or Realistic literature. The elements of Romantic literature are based precisely in the use of the senses to convey imagery and emotion that is easy to relate to, and which appeals to our everyday lives.

In "Death Constant Beyond Love", we can appreciate a myriad of instances where Marquez brings descriptions and facts that are direct, sometimes crude, and sometimes even rude to the reader who is used to metaphorical or allegorical writing.

The first example we find, in typical Marquez fashion, is in the first sentence of the text; it is in the clarity, and in the direct way in which Marquez addresses the topics of death and love in one same sentence.

Senator Onesimo Sanchez had six months and eleven days to go before his death when he found the woman of his life

We also find vivid depictions of everyday things, from health, to politics, to racism, and of course social injustice.

Then came the trucks with the rented Indians who were carried into the towns in order to enlarge the crowds at public ceremonies. A short time before eleven o'clock, along with the music and rockets and jeeps of the retinue, the ministerial automobile, the color of strawberry soda, arrived.

Here we see the play on words and similes that connect the reader to everyday things while still maintaining the connection to the atmosphere and mood of a story that is actually charged with strong innuendos. 

We also see realism in the manner that some information is added without need, showing Marquez's "signature" style with his insistence in providing us, at times, with "too much information".

[...] he put in a glass of drinking water the rose he had kept alive all across the desert, lunched on the diet cereals that he took with him so as to avoid the repeated portions of fried goat that were waiting for him during the rest of the day, and he took several analgesic pills before the time prescribed so that he would have the remedy ahead of the pain.

All these details color the story, bring out the flavor of it, and certainly engage the reader by exposing life in every aspect, even to the smallest detail.

However, it is the theme of the story what makes it quite typical of the Realistic and Romantic movement. The treatment of the two most important topics in life are, indeed, love and death. While love makes us feel limitless, in comes death to limit everything about our existences. Along with life, come the myriad of emotions that either help us or break us. Such is the case with Senator Sanchez and his momentous relationship with Laura Farina, and the way in which it molded, and dented, his life as a whole.

The she laid his head on her shoulder with her eyes fixed on the rose. The senator held her about the waist, sank his face into woods-animal armpit, and gave in to terror. Six months and eleven days later he would die in that same position, debased and repudiated because of the public scandal with Laura Farina and weeping with rage at dying without her.

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